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You are at the centre of everything we do

Essential Care Group understand that allowing an unfamiliar figure into your home and life can be a huge step. We appreciate that homes are a cherished place where memories have been made and families have been raised, therefore, we consider it our responsibility to ensure that our clients can continue living in their homes.

We provide the right level of care and support for you at home by completely tailoring support to individual needs and preferences by promoting independence and well-being which enables our clients to remain in their own home. We spend time getting to know our clients and their families to ensure our services are completely bespoke to both their individual wishes and assessed needs.


We introduce our carers to our clients, taking into consideration personalities, hobbies and interests. We understand that matching our carers to the people we support is essential for mutually fulfilling genuine friendships to develop. We believe it is important that our clients look forward to spending time with their carer, exchanging life stories, creating new memories and most importantly spending time together filled with smiles and laughter.

Our service availability ranges from hourly to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and includes live in care. Our services include companionship, domestic support, personal, specialist, complex, respite and end of life care. We can also help, advise and assist with applications of funding towards your care. We guarantee that all our carers have the time to care as we understand the impact that feelings of being in a quiet environment and feeling detached from people can have on an individual’s physical and mental wellbeing.

Essential Care Group is a CQC Registered Care Service and is committed to meeting your individual care needs. 

Our team follow a person-centred approach to your care and have the ability to truly connect with our clients in order to provide the exceptional, compassionate care and support they deserve.


We have compassion for those we support to provide a caring service

We treat those we look after with dignity, listening to them, and promoting their identity

We have respect for those we take care of, showing admiration for things people have and can accomplish

We cherish and champion individuality which shows you that we can provide people with personalised care

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We know you could be in a quiet environment at the minute and feeling detached from people. We recognise the importance of having a friend and some company. We would like to banish those feelings and help you to fill those gaps doing the things once loved. Essential Care Group can motivate you to stay connected with others, support you to build new friendships, encourage you to try new things or simply enjoy a tea and chat with you. We are also able to provide a friendly and trustworthy presence whilst the primary carer enjoys a little 'me time'. 

Domestic Support

We acknowledge the stress everyday domestic chores can cause and the difficulty faced in completing these boring tasks alone. We want to relieve the pressure in accomplishing these everyday duties and aid your enjoyment in living within the comfort of your own home. We can provide a helping hand with meal preparation, housekeeping and running household errands, support you with managing home maintenance, mail correspondence and organising prescriptions and will always ensure your comforting surroundings are kept neat and tidy.

Personal Care

We appreciate the difficulty in accepting that support to maintain health and well-being is needed and empathise that allowing a carer to support with intimate care can feel humiliating. Our sensitivity knowledge and practice guarantees we can assist you in your most comfortable and relaxing manner to always preserve your dignity. We will use honourable techniques to help you with all your personal care and ensure you are always looking and feeling your best. We can support you throughout your usual daily routines with washing, skin and oral care, dressing and changing to ease the pressure in your everyday routines and to maximise life fulfilments.

Respite Care

We understand your caring responsibilities may have increased and that someone may be relying on you progressively. We know the struggles you could be facing and recognise the importance in having a little ‘me time’ but also the difficulty in trusting someone with your responsibilities whilst you enjoy this. Essential Care Group is committed to meeting your individual needs through a person-centred approach to develop personalised plans with you, tailored to both yours and the dependents persons needs and wishes.


Specialist & Complex Care

We recognise the pressures of living with long-term complex health within the comfort of your own home. We can help you maximise your independence by supporting you with as little or as much support as you require which is personalised to your specific needs, wishes and requirements. We strive to improve your quality of life whilst offering support and encouragement to live a happy life.

End of Life Care

We understand the hurt, upset and stress that is caused during the latter stages of terminal illness. We want to fully support you and your family to help ease the pressure during this period. We will provide consistent support and we guarantee we will do everything possible to make you feel most comfortable throughout the final stages. We endorse and promote dignity in dying and believe you can still achieve everything and anything you desire and therefore we promise to do all that is possible to help you accomplish your ‘bucket list’ filled with your wishes and dreams.

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