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Essential Care Group is part of the Essential Group of Companies with our head office facilities based in West Yorkshire. The group was founded in 2015 by Thomas Owens – owner and managing director who has proudly spent his working life in the wonderful world of healthcare.

Thomas established the group of companies to bring about a comprehensive approach to raising and delivering the highest standards of care. He has witnessed and experienced throughout his career that the best people in care, provided with the best training and development and access to the best equipment at the time of need, is absolutely essential to delivering the highest possible standards of care.

Essential Care Group was formed in 2019 following an extensive search to identify an experienced Care Management Team whose values and approach to care aligned with this vision.

The Essential Care Group team are fully supported by their colleagues in Essential Training Group ensuring that our care team are trained to the highest standards to ensure that they are knowledgeable and confident in delivering the individualised support and care to our clients.

Additionally, our team is also supported by the Essential Healthcare Solutions team who provide equipment and services to the NHS and all Healthcare environments. With over 500 years collective industry experience focussed on the development and delivery of innovative support surface solutions which meet the challenges care providers face every day in reducing avoidable pressure ulcers, preventing cross infection and improving equipment safety and availability essential to delivering the best possible care.

Lead by Thomas the Group of Companies are known for unparalleled commitment to client satisfaction and well-being. It is this standard of excellence, and commitment to holistic care that has gained the respect and commendation in the care sector.

This collective expertise and support optimises Essential Care Groups ability to deliver the highest quality of person centred care and support across Yorkshire.

Together we will make an Essential difference.

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